You Quit Law School?

I ran into Cindy the other day. She seemed quite happy. Which is actually quite unusual for a third year law student. She swept me up,into her arms and gave me me a smooch on the cheek.
” Hello stranger how are you doing?”, she asked.
” What’s this all about?”, I asked.
” I’m just so happy! I finally found my calling in life.”, She gushed.
” What about law school?”
” I quit”
” What do you mean you quit? You’ve already been for three years you can’t just quit.”, I replied.
” I already have. In fact, I start my new career tomorrow.”
” What is it then?”
” I’m going to be doing Manchester thai massage.”
I was absolutely stonkered. Cindy is a genius and I couldn’t believe that she quit law school but, she seemed happy.

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Kellie Wants To Model

Kellie was a pretty girl who always tried her best to be a model or work in the fashion industry. The real problem that Kellie had was that she was only five feet tall. I don’t have to tell you how completely impossible it was for her to land gigs and make auditions because of height. It was literally like everyone looked right over her. She was stunning, gorgeous, had beautiful long bright colored hair that she kept dyed in bright pinks and blues. Sometimes her hair colors got more dramatic. No one could deny that she was appalling and absolutely radiant. Kellie found her way slowing to the top by doing gigs here and there also while doing promotional club events. Then she was a brand ambassadors London for several companies and that made her feel like the star she always wanted to be.

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Remove Your Excess Hearing Baggage

When it comes to your ears, you have to take the best care of them. Your hearing is extremely important, and is one of your five senses. Even those who have perfect hearing, can have distortion at times, because of wax buildup. Wax can build up in your ears, especially if you haven’t cleaned them in several days, or even possibly, weeks. When wax begins to build up in your ears, you may even find wax falling out of your ears, if it becomes heated.

Wax can be very gross, especially if the build up is too much, but it can be cleaned as well. If you have too much wax in your ears, it’s time for ear wax removal Stockport. Use a cotton swab, or possibly even a suction device, to remove the excess wax in your ears. Once your ears are clean, you’ll hear better, and your ears will feel much cleaner.

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Walk into my Garden

The green leaves, colorful flowers and vegetables blossomed forth from my living walls as I sang to my beloved plants and played classical music for them. The sunlight came streaming through the windows and all my plants turned towards the sun growing tall and straight. Every few days I would close the shade of one window and open up the shade of another window, so my plants could turn and grow in another direction becoming stronger and healthier.

If one of my plants became sick I would put it in a location away from the other plants so the other plants would not become sick too. New soil would be put in or a new plant pot was retrieved for the sick plant. With tender loving care I would nurse my plant back to health and bring it back to its plant friends.

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Having A Beach Day At Home

Overall, one can become bored rather quickly during the summer month’s when children are off of school and are trying to keep themselves entertained for months at a time. If your child and you are looking for something fun to do on a day that is not good for going down to the beach and catching some rays, why not pretend to have a beach day at home and make your own fun in the sun? Consider looking into purchasing an item referred to as silica sand which can be used indoors in order to make sand castles and other fun activities that both you and your child will enjoy doing. You can purchase this item at any craft store and oftentimes it is going to be very inexpensive on your budget. Consider making your own beach day at home and stop being bored and feeling like you have nothing to do with your child.

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Hey Hey! Every Dog Has Its’ Day!

When Janie the beagle walked into her play yard at doggie daycare, she was carrying some big ideas inside of her beagle head. Luckily her other beagle buddies, Ollie, Happy, Henry, Dori and Charlie were also there. Janie wanted to share her ideas with the other beagles.

Janie is a dog who loves all dogs, and people too. However, her beagle friends understand her the most. Janie’s ideas were about opening up a Beagles and Cream Cheese bagel restaurant. She thought that this cute name would really bring in the business, especially those folks who have beagles at home.

Charlie and Henry thought it was a great idea, but Dori, Ollie and Happy were just a little bit unsure. They were concerned about the water filter media that would be needed for the restaurant. Janie told them that she had it all figured out. There was no problem.

Just two months later, these six business-minded beagles opened up a successful bagel restaurant.

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Attention for My Restuarant

I have a restaurant that I have just opened up and it has been hard to make people pay attention to this restaurant and check the place out. I know that my restaurant is going to become popular once everyone knows what it is all about and what it has to offer, but I need to draw customers in, first. I finally got the bright idea to use promo girls to help me get the attention that I was looking for. These girls helped to get the attention of everyone passing by my restaurant. Now I have a base of customers who are going to tell all of their friends about the great food that I have served them and about the restaurant that is available to them. I just needed a little marketing help in order to become all that I wanted to be.

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It seemed like I was out of luck! As an administrative assistant for a busy attorney, I was often responsible for shipping out case materials and sensitive files, which usually had to be sent quickly so that they could be used in upcoming court proceedings. Unfortunately for me, the mail had already left for the day, and it was almost five o’clock (par for the course for my boss, who almost always remembered something urgent to be done immediately!). Fortunately for me, I recalled seeing a sign for a shipping company just up the street from our own office. The pleasant woman at the front counter was glad to assist me when I frantically dashed inside and explained my situation, and told me that she could easily arrange contract packing and shipping for delivery on the very next day. Saved!

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